The Only Narrative-Based Personality Assessment That Uses Your Own Stories

Life At Its Best Starts When You Truly Know Yourself

Learn Your Motivation Code

What Moves You?

There’s nothing quite like being seen for the first time — whether it’s seeing yourself and what makes you uniquely you, or being able to articulate who you are for others.

When you understand what moves you or what motivates you, it changes how you engage the world around you. It helps you know what matters and most importantly, why it matters.

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There’s No One Quite Like You

You Are Truly Unique

What gets you (and your team) out of bed each morning? What makes you more productive? What inspires you to go all-in? What helps you become a better leader?

What if 60 years of empirical research delivered a single undeniable answer to all of those questions? Pretty incredible, right? Well, it’s true.

One Solution: Multiple Industries

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We’re bringing the System for Identifying Motivated Abilities (SIMA) to multiple industries and sectors. You can find our brands in the corporate, SMB, higher education, and faith verticals.

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