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Motivations AI Announces Shawn Hesketh As VP of Learning Strategy and Design

Shawn Hesketh

Motivations AI has just made a game-changing move, bringing on Shawn Hesketh as their new Vice President of Learning Strategy and Design. As the mastermind behind WP101, Shawn revolutionized the world of WordPress training, helping more than five million people learn the platform through the WP101 website and plugin.

But that’s not all — Shawn’s talents don’t stop at video tutorials. Before starting WP101, he founded LeftLane Designs, one of Houston’s first digital design agencies. With decades of experience in the tech industry, Shawn is a true veteran in the space.

Now, as part of the Motivations AI team, Shawn will be taking on an exciting new challenge — helping build one of the largest online resource sites for coaches. And according to CEO Chris Lema, Shawn’s skills, history, and expertise will be absolutely critical in this endeavor.

“Shawn has been a long-time champion for freelancers and small businesses, and we’re thrilled to have him on board at Motivations AI,” said Lema. “His passion and expertise will be key as we work to transform the world of coaching and make a real impact on people’s lives.” With Shawn’s experience and guidance and Motivations AI’s cutting-edge technology, the future is looking bright indeed.

Motivations AI Announces Jennifer Bourn as Chief Marketing Officer

Jennifer Bourn

Motivations AI has appointed Jennifer Bourn as its Chief Marketing Officer, adding a powerhouse of creativity and expertise to the team. With more than a decade of experience in messaging, marketing, growth, and automation for creative freelancers and agencies, Jennifer has a proven track record of driving success for clients.

But it’s not just her technical skills that make Jennifer stand out. She’s also a master of branding and messaging, bringing a unique blend of charisma and online expertise to every project she touches.

As CMO of Motivations AI, Jennifer will lead the company’s marketing efforts and spearhead exciting new product-led growth initiatives. And with her deep roots in the fast-growing coaching and platform market, she’s poised to take Motivations AI to the next level.

A graduate of California State University, Sacramento, Jennifer has been a designer, content creator, and marketer for more than two decades. And if Motivations AI CEO Chris Lema is right, she’s a true “force-multiplier” whose impact will be felt throughout the company.

Motivations AI Emerges as the Leading Provider of Personality Assessments

The System for Identifying Motivated Abilities (SIMA) has been at the forefront of personal and professional development for 60 years, empowering people to reach their full potential. And now, with the recent acquisition of several SIMA-related technology companies by Cherith, a new leader in the space has emerged.

Introducing Motivations AI, a company dedicated to providing innovative and personalized solutions for personality assessments. With the integration of MCode’s narrative-based online assessment and TruMotivate’s solution for high school and college-aged personality assessments, Motivations AI is well positioned to offer the most comprehensive and accurate assessments in the market.

In addition to its focus on personal and professional development, Motivations AI is also stepping into the faith space with TruCenter, a solution that provides churches with a way to leverage SIMA for volunteer recruitment and placement.

“We’re thrilled to bring together the best of SIMA-related technology companies under one roof,” said Chris Lema, CEO of Motivations AI. “Our goal is to empower individuals, organizations, and communities with the insights and guidance they need to reach their full potential.”

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Motivations AI is a leading provider of personality assessments, offering innovative and personalized solutions to help individuals, organizations, and communities reach their full potential. With a commitment to utilizing the latest in AI technology, Motivations AI is dedicated to providing accurate and actionable insights to its clients.