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One Science: Multiple Applications

We Want Your Stories

We’ve taken SIMA — a proprietary process for clearly identifying a person’s innate giftedness — and leveraged it across multiple applications, industries, and sectors. The result is the same unique story-based assessment, shaped for a specific market.

You can learn more about each of our brands and applications on their own unique sites.

MotivationCode Logo


MotivationCode is the brand (previously Pruvio) that first brought SIMA (and the MCode) to the world via a digital platform. It is the first story-based personality assessment in the market and has been used by thousands of coaches, small businesses, and enterprises.

TruMotivate Logo


TruMotivate has been used on more than 50 college and university campuses across tens of thousands of college students to discover their own unique MCode. After helping students pick the right majors and first jobs, we’ve started working with high schools (to help pick the right colleges).

TruSpark Logo


With TruSpark, we’ve taken any complexity that might have existed in our MCode assessment and made it easier for Jr High and home schoolers. After all, we’ve demonstrated that a motivational pattern can emerge early and remains constant throughout life.

TruCenter Logo


Our most recent move brought the MCode assessment into churches to help transform volunteer program management. Instead of simply putting people wherever they’re needed, TruCenter helps congregations discover their own MCodes and the volunteer roles that make sense.