Motivations AI Announces Jennifer Bourn as Chief Marketing Officer

Jennifer Bourn

Motivations AI has appointed Jennifer Bourn as its Chief Marketing Officer, adding a powerhouse of creativity and expertise to the team. With more than a decade of experience in messaging, marketing, growth, and automation for creative freelancers and agencies, Jennifer has a proven track record of driving success for clients.

But it’s not just her technical skills that make Jennifer stand out. She’s also a master of branding and messaging, bringing a unique blend of charisma and online expertise to every project she touches.

As CMO of Motivations AI, Jennifer will lead the company’s marketing efforts and spearhead exciting new product-led growth initiatives. And with her deep roots in the fast-growing coaching and platform market, she’s poised to take Motivations AI to the next level.

A graduate of California State University, Sacramento, Jennifer has been a designer, content creator, and marketer for more than two decades. And if Motivations AI CEO Chris Lema is right, she’s a true “force-multiplier” whose impact will be felt throughout the company.